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FAQ from our Survey - Alternative Recyclables

FAQ from our Survey - Alternative Recyclables

What do I do with e-waste?

Where can we take our alternative recycling - light bulbs, batteries, paint?

Where can we take our smoke detectors?

Is there a place to give items that might be reused by others?

  • Goodwill always is an option.

What to do with fabric scraps?

What to do with bottle lids?

  • Under 2 inches it should not go into the single stream recycling. If you can take it to ARCC, else Trash.

Where can I take bicycle tires to be recycled (made of rubber just like car tires)?

  • To ARCC or Transfer Station. You will have to pay for them to be recycled.

Where can one take items that contain mercury switches (non-electronic thermometers and irons)?

  • most hardware stores and ARCC

Is there a safe way to dispose of old or unused medications?

  • Every Fall there is a drug take back day where people can bring there medicine to police stations or drug stores.