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FAQ from our Survey - Composting

FAQ from our Survey - Composting

Are there containers for the kitchen that will hold food scraps but not smell, not attract gnats and are easy to open and close?

Can invasive species be safely composted?

  • Most species, yes. Only before they go to seed though, and it has to be fully dried out before you compost it. To dry it out, you can cover them with dark tarps for weeks. If they are seeding, you can burn them, or put them in the trash. Japanese knotweed, Phragmites Reed, Canary Grass, Purple Loosestrife, Spotted knapweed, Exotic thistles, and Leafy spurge have to be thrown away. http://map.co.door.wi.us/swcd/invasive/Get%20EDUCATED_files/Compost.pdf

How can one compost meat and dairy items?

  • If you are an experienced composter, you can compost these things. The compost bin has to be air-tight or designed for smell, it needs tall sides to keep scavengers out, aerating features that bring fresh oxygen in, and must be able to generate high temperatures. If you don't have these things, you can get a green cone, which does.

Can paper towels, napkins, and coffee cups be recycled or composted, or are they trash?

  • Yes, you can compost any paper products (napkins, paper towels, newspaper, etc.), I do not know about coffee cups, though.