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FAQ from our Survey - Education

FAQ from our Survey - Education

How can we improve education of what is trash or recycling?

What can we do about people throwing cigarette butts on the ground?

  • At http://www.cigarettelitter.org, they suggest that you spread the word by talking about it and using their forum to discuss it. They also have good information on the subject.

How can we encourage the use of a personal wash and fill water bottle?

  • Surprisingly enough, the water bottle problem (leaching) isn't that big of an issue. Studies show that the most harmful chemical in there, BPA, provides minimal negative results. However, because BPA is still very bad for you, and because buying a bunch of plastic bottles is wasteful, personal water bottles are still the best idea.

Is there a way to work with manufacturers and consumers on lessening our waste?

  • Many manufacturers have websites, and often have a "contact us" section. At CigaretteLitter.org, they have a link that allows you to contact Wal-Mart, a place with a high cigarette waste production level.