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Intro to our Trash Trek Project

This year our FLL team was smaller than in past years, but all five of us were returning for our 3rd year of working together. We all wanted to really focus on the project this year and come up with a solution that could really help solve an issue with trash. When we first started thinking about our project, we brainstormed and came up with five topics that popped out to us: recycling, plastics, road trash, e-waste, and compost, and each of us researched one of those topics and reported back to the group. We decided to get community input by designing a survey, which we posted on Front Porch Forum and also handed out during a compost presentation by Chrissy Bellmyer of Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District. She was very supportive of our survey and we received over 80 responses from East Montpelier residents.
The survey responses were quite varied, and there were many write-in questions about how to recycle different things, like tires, lightbulbs, and what items could be composted. Next we met again with Chrissy and brainstormed questions about trash, composting and recycling. We asked her what question she gets asked the most. And she said “Does it Recycle?” So we realized that many problems could be solved through further education. Next a few of us went to visit the ARCC in Barre. It was pretty amazing to see all the things they collect there, some get reused and some get recycled.
We realized there are so many different ways to recycle and deal with trash that people really don’t know about. So we decided to incorporate all of our research topics into a Smart Phone Application (App) that will educate people about reducing, reusing and recycling. The home page will have quick links to frequently searched items like tires, lightbulbs and e-waste. And it will allow you to search for plastics or other items you don’t know what to do with. The App will tell what to do with your item and where to take it or send it, and offer ideas of how to re-use your items instead. We hoping to get some good feedback and continue working on building a working application. Look for more post coming soon!